Blu-Ray Replication | Blu-Ray Disc

Blu-Ray Replication | Blu-Ray Disc

From a handful of Duplicated BD-R discs to thousands retail ready Blu-Ray, Legend has you covered.

Blu-Ray Replication:

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Minimum Blu-ray Replication order size is 1,000 discs
  • Single Layer (BD25) and Dual Layer (BD50) Blu-ray discs.
  • Offered in Bulk or fully packaged.
  • 15 day turn time
  • AACS Content Provider License included

Advanced Access Content System (AACS)

AACS digital rights management is required on all Blu-Ray video projects.  All Clients must pay the AACS Title Key Certificate fees. These fees, which are our true costs, without any mark-up, include: AACS Title Keys, AACS Content Certification and all AACS Order Processing Fees. 

Acceptable master delivery for Blu-ray Replication

Playable BD-Rs are not acceptable for Blu-ray replication.  Replication masters must be submitted as a BDCMF or Sony CMF image on BD-R.  We can also accept removable USB 2.0 compatible hard drives formatted for Windows

BD-R Duplication:

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Minimum BD-R Duplication order size is 25 discs
  • Single Layer (BD25) only.
  • Offered in Bulk and packaged
  • 3-5 day turn time

Acceptable master delivery for BD-R Duplication

Only BD-R masters can be accepted for duplication (non CMF).

BD replication requires projects be provided in the CMF (Cutting Master Format).
BD Duplication requires projects be provided in BDMV (playable Blu-Ray BDr)
How does one tell the two apart?
Take a look at this image for a quick cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet