Rimage On-Demand Publishing Systems feature the latest in Blu-ray™ Disc technology

With twice the write speed of its predecessor, the new 4x Blu-ray Disc writer revolutionizes the potential for high-capacity disc output. Rimage's ability to harness the speed and capacity of the Blu-ray DiscTM platform gives users a new choice for digital archiving. High-definition video producers and software developers are among the many end users who will benefit from new Blu-ray Disc writing technology.

At roughly five times the capacity of DVD media and more than 35 times that of CDs, blue laser disc technology offers a more effective method to archive large data sets. From high-capacity data files to large amounts of streaming video content, maximum compatibility is ensured due to disc format standardization. Unlike tape, where the format can vary by brand, setting and operating system, Blu-ray Discs are emerging as the new standard for digital output.

The Producer III (8100N and 7100N) with new 4x Blu-ray drives are available through LegendCPS.com. Rimage provides worldwide support for all of its disc publishing systems, including personal call center services, a full line of consumables and maintenance options designed to maximize the quality of its systems and fit each customer's unique needs.