Olivet Nazerene

Riamge 2000i Series IIRimage 2000i
Starting at $2,695
The 2000i Series II disc publishing system is an affordable front-office solution that now comes equipped with Rimage Software Suite - Network. Reliable robotics and high yield cartridges provide long production runs and uninterrupted usage.
  • Two recorders configurable for CD, DVD, or Blu-ray recording.
  • Inkjet printing with separate CMY and Black ink cartridges.
  • Network Ready Software
  • Rimage Software Suite - Network
  • USB 3 connectivity
  • Two CD/DVD combination recorders
  • 100-disc input and 100-disc output bins
  • LCD status display
  • Create unique artwork for each disc
  • Submit new or saved jobs for recording and printing
Rimage 3410
Rimage 3410
Starting at $5,650
(Because you need the network software)

The integrated, state-of-the-art Rimage Everest™ 400 thermal retransfer printer in the 3410 system permanently fuses waterprooof, scratchproof, photo-realistic images to the surface of the disc. Printing is faster and has a lower cost-per-disc than inkjet printers.
  • Two front-swappable recorders configurable for CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc recording.
  • An integrated Everest 400 printer provides full-color or monochrome printing.
  • DiscWatch™ status light
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • LCD interface displays system status
  • Up to 150-disc input capacity (3 bins)
  • 5-disc output bin (optional 50-disc bin available)