CD/DVD Duplication FAQ’s

CD/DVD Duplication FAQ’s

Legend can handle your duplication project when you aren’t ready to purchase the equipment yourself.

Can Legend do my duplication job?


Does Legend duplicate CD’s and DVD’s?

Yes we do.

What formats of DVD’s and CD’s can you duplicate?

We can duplicate virtually any format.

Supported DVD Formats include DVD Video, DVD ROM, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and Dual Layer DVD-R and +R

Supported CD Formats include: CD-DA (Red Book) CD-ROM Modes 1&2, XA Forms 1&2, ISO 9660, Photo CD, CD-Extra, Mixed Mode, Video CD, Hybrid CD, HFS and CD+G (Karaoke). Duplicators do not record CD+G Format.

How do I provide LEGEND with data I want copied?

Customers need to provide data to be copied on a fully functional CD-R or DVD-R. Please avoid the use of CD-RW or DVD-RW media when supplying masters for duplication. Once we have a suitable master, we can easily make copies on our Rimage Systems.

What is the quality of the copies?

The copies will be exact duplicates of your original disc. Legend checks a percentage of copies against the original.

How many copies can you make from my original?

We can make an unlimited number of perfect copies from your master disc without any loss of quality.

Thermal Printing

Can you print the disc for me? What method do you use?

Yes. Your CD and DVD media can be printed directly on the disc using a Rimage thermal printer. The Rimage thermal print process involves a special ribbon that, when heated, will transfer an image to the CD or DVD surface. LEGEND uses the Rimage Everest Printer for full-color thermal printing.

How should I prepare my artwork for thermal printing?

Provide your artwork on disc or via e-mail to The best file types are 300 dpi and CMYK non-compressed files. If you wish to print text only, please send us the required information. We will provide you with a PDF proof of your artwork to approve prior to thermal printing. A proof disc is available for you to see exactly what your finished job will look like.

Project Completion

What is the typical turnaround time to get discs duplicated?

This is determined by how many copies you need, how quickly you need them, how much data is on your disc, how intricate your label is, and what kind of packaging you use. If your CD or DVD is being duplicated, then the typical turnaround is 2 to 4 business days. We strongly recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute on a project deadline. If a technical problem occurs, your copy job could be delayed. We take pride in our fast service, but you must allow time for unexpected problems such as corrupted files or out of specification artwork. A proof CD will be sent for approval to ensure the quality and integrity of the disc and its content.

Can we get a sample of our disc duplicated and printed for approval before you run the job?

Yes. This will ensure that your disc functions to your satisfaction before we make multiple copies.

What brand of CD-R and DVD-R media do you use? What brand do you recommend?

We use Rimage Certified CD-R and DVD-R Media. We don’t recommend unbranded cheap media, as you will get bad burns and corrupted data. If your project is important to you, put it on 100% guaranteed media!

Packaging and Inserts

What are my packaging options?

We offer your finished product in spindles, standard or slim line jewel cases, C-Shells, tyvek or paper sleeves with a window and flap and/or Amaray style DVD boxes.

What if I need CD or DVD inserts?

Since most of our business is “business to business” and our duplication is mostly for our customers internal use it’s not something we do on a daily basis. However, we do have business relationship here in southern California with a few digital offset printing houses. With these relationships in place we handle printing on a job by job basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirement.

Can I reorder the same disc at a later date?

Unless you specify that you want your master disc returned, we keep it with your artwork on file for up to two (2) years. Therefore, if you need us to run off more copies, all you have to do is call us!

Can you duplicate copyrighted software for us?

We duplicate CDs and DVDs ONLY when you own the material on them, or have copyright permission. You will be asked to sign a form, and provide proof to us that you have the rights to duplicate the CDs and DVDs and to indemnify us against any legal action by the copyright owner.