Rimage RX400M Medical USB-Solution

Rimage RX400M Medical USB-Solution


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Value for Hospitals and Clinics

Simplified Operations

The integrated touchscreen shows all waiting studies, sorted by patient, coming from any connected DICOM source in your hospital. Via touch screen, you can select which study you want to store on the USB-Stick.

With the high-performance hardware you can create USBSticks with common data, approx. 500 MB, in less than 30 sec. This allows you to create media on the spot, whenever a patient shows up at your front desk.


The RX400M can exclusively be used with Rimage USB-Sticks that have special security features such as WORM (write once, read many) or Multi-Write protection. This dramatically increase the propability that no other fi les that may contain malware, viruses or other threats can be added on the stick and thus get into highly sensitive networks.

Only with the RX400M system you are able to unlock the pre-protection, add new data, and reactivate the write protection afterwards. This limits the risks of Malicious USBSticks and provides an additional IT-Environment protection.

With the integrated, adhesive paper thermal printer you can easily label the USB-Sticks individually, ensuring you are handing the right stick to the right person. The dedicated patient labels are automatically created once you unplug a recorded and verified USB-Stick.

Reliable Workflow

Because the RX400M contains no moving or mechanical parts, it requires very little maintenance and is easy to service.

With the easily accessible SSD that is securely locked within an cage, containing device confi guration data and locally used study data, you can even request an exchange unit if required and just use the existing SSD in the new unit. In this case, your sensitive data will never leave your environment.


Value for System Integrators

Dedicated Support

The Rimage worldwide service organization has dedicated applications engineers to provide support during all stages of system integration.

Easy Integration

The RX400M API enables easy integration for DICOM Software providers. The RX400M is already fully integrated into several DICOM patient CD/USB Solutions.

USB Technology

Allows Integrators to easily output on a new media source besides the Rimage optical systems.


Value for Patients

Reliable Records

Having the option of reusing your USB-Stick, you can keep track of all your recent medical data on a single source. This allows physicians to compare successive studies of a patient, which helps them better diagnose disease progression.

Shorter Wait Times

RX400M will provide a USB-Stick with a typical study in less then 30 seconds, so patients don’t have to wait long for their personalized USB-Sticks.

Data Privacy and Security

Your personal medical data can be encrypted and in case of a loss, it will be nearly impossible to access your sensitive patient data and records. This feature however, needs to be supported by your DICOM Software.


The RX400M is the evolution of the well-known Rimage patient CD solutions. Deliver studies on a state of the art write protected RX400 USB-Stick with the RX400M high-performance data copy system. Save your entire collection of diagnostic data in full resolution with just the touch of a finger.
The USB Sticks can be used alongside conventional patient CD, with added benefits such as high speed, storage space and independence from the availability of a CD drive.

The compact RX400M is easy to set up for system integrators, health care providers and hospitals.

Rimage Patient USB-Sticks, the modern version of the proven patient CD.

They offer many advantages:
1. higher compatibility, as a CD drive is no longer required,
2. more speed to open studies faster
3. more storage space to store related studies together over a period of time and compare them more easily

Normal USB-Sticks are considered as a potential security risk in many hospitals and clinics and are therefore often not opened or USB ports on PCs are even blocked for USB sticks.
Rimage Patient USB sticks are as secure as a CD. They have a pre-write protection already at delivery and can therefore only be recorded via our RX400 MedX devices, as part of a medical integration.
The write protection is also active after the medical records have been added. This limits the risk of adding potential viruses or malware afterwards, as all other systems only have read  access and can´t modify the data.

Number of Recorders: 4
Optional HDD Removable SSD with up to 8 TB
Display: 10.1 Zoll Touch Display, 1280 x 600 px
Network Adapters: Two 1 GB Ethernet
Printer: Thermal Label Printer
Label: Paper labels, adhesive, 54×25 mm
Height: 6.2 in/ 158 mm (back), 3.2 in/ 82 mm (front)
Width: 17.95 in / 456 mm
Depth:* 10 in / 254 mm
Weight: 19.84 lbs/ 9 kg
Power Specifications: 100 – 240V~, 4-2A 60-50H
Warranty 12 months